vallejo releases new cd in english & spanish

Latin rock band VALLEJO has simultaneously released two new albums for their latest recording Unified, which is also accompanied by a Spanish version entitled Unificados (November 21st on VMG). Both albums were produced by songwriter/producer Dwight A. Baker (The Wind & The Wave, Kelly Clarkson, Bob Schneider) and will be the first time in the band's twelve album career that Vallejo has released a record in two different languages.

With a heavier and darker sound than previous Vallejo efforts, Unified was actually intended to see the light a few years ago but a head-on collision caused by a drunk driver sidelined all release plans and both albums were indefinitely put on hold.  
"After the accident, we decided that it would be good for us to reflect on what we have and just take some time off from always being on the road", admits singer AJ. "So we invested in Austin's local music scene to focus on family and other side projects before getting inspired to put out new Vallejo music again."

In the meantime, everyone chipped away at various music ventures closer to home with AJ producing records at VMG Studios, Alex working with local artists at the Austin Music Foundation and Omar launching 512 Studios and a new TV show on The CW Austin.

Eventually at a band meeting in early February 2016, it was finally decided that November would be the right time to release the Unified records and a date was set.  To make the announcement official, Vallejo went into St. Elmo’s Soundstage in June to prepare four new videos for the album’s English and Spanish singles.  All of the Unified songs were co-written by the Vallejo brothers, Into The New guitarist Heath Clark and producer Dwight Baker and also features Thicker Than Water's Carmelo Torres on percussion. 

Unified and Unificados is available now kicked off by the double video premiere of "Hello To Goodbye" & “Me Voy” directed by AJ Vallejo. VISIT THE VALLEJO MUSIC STORE TO GET "UNIFIED" & MORE!

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